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The Bluesuit Chronicles-the best historical fiction series


"Small Town USA vs The Powers that Be" is the driving theme of The Bluesuit Chronicles. These  aren't novels in the traditional  sense of a  predictable, formulaic rebellion-ruin-restoration arc. Based on actual events, and the author's personal experiences as a police officer in the same time and setting of the series gives readers a strong ring of authenticity to the award-winning series.  

The setting is a small town that became a big town almost  overnight, and its small police department encounters unprecedented  opposition on every level as it struggles to meet the demands of  becoming a larger agency almost overnight, during America’s most  troubling times since the Civil War.

Readers Beware! Don't  expect tidy endings in this series. As in real life, there are some good  endings, but the police officers and detectives don’t solve every  crime. Though they try their best; sometimes the bad guys slip through  the cracks. Maybe the cops will get another shot at bringing them to  justice, maybe not. Either way, in real-life police work, there is  conflict going on constantly, on all levels; on the streets, within the  department, within city hall. Not all issues are resolved, not every  hidden agenda is found out.

The publication of this  series just ahead of the recent wave of hateful rhetoric and ambushes of  police officers in the 21st Century couldn’t be more timely. It is my sincere hope that the  true portrayal of officers in The Bluesuit Chronicles will help deflect  the tide of hate and scorn and restore respect. 

One of my goals in writing this series is to credit the Vietnam-era  generation of police officers in the suburbs who did as much to hold the  line as their brothers in the big cities did. Another goal is to  introduce readers, through solid, informative writing based on the  actual experiences of myself and those I served with, to the inner  workings of police work in a culturally and politically hostile  environment. Through fictional characters the series portrays what  police officers do, what makes us tick, what we go through, and why the  old saying is so true—and I know it is equally true of war  veterans--“Once a cop, always a cop.” 

John Hansen



Crime,  corruption and conspiracy abound and overlap in The Bluesuit Chronicles. A new generation of young  police officers fights to hold the line.It is 1970, and the handwriting  is on the wall: the war effort in Vietnam is winding down to an  inevitable and humiliating loss to communist forces. Veterans begin  coming home in large waves, to find their country changed while they  were away, fighting for freedom. In the coming decade, America will be  rocked by economic, political, military, religious and cultural  scandals. Unlike any other time in history except for the post Civil War  era, violent crime, murder, robbery and rape skyrocket. Betrayal and  scandal prevails in every sphere of American life, time-honored cultural  mores and values are openly scorned and mocked, drug abuse of every  kind is glorified and encouraged by celebrities, well known public  figures, trusted media personalities, resulting in heavy devastation of  the Baby-Boom generation.  


Whenever the  world starts falling apart, there are always those who hold the line for  others, no matter what. So it was with the new officers of the Baby  Boom generation, who returned from Vietnam and became police officers,  manning the 'thin blue line'  as generations before them did, except  this time they go from being called 'baby killers' by the Left to being  called 'pigs' by the same people, yet they continue to serve and protect  the deserving and undeserving alike.  


The Bluesuit  Chronicles is 'historically correct,' set in the political, social and  economic backdrop of the 1970s. The characters become more developed  with each book as the series progresses. Every book leads to the next,  yet each is written to stand by itself as a solid, satisfying story that  leaves readers feeling good and wanting to read again. Many readers buy  and read the electronic version and buy the printed versions for their  home libraries. Highly recommended by a growing readership, currently rating 4.8 stars out of 5 at Amazon. 

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