After  ten years as a street cop in Patrol and eleven years in Detectives,  followed by another twenty-plus years working with cops and prosecutors  as a private investigator.  I am writing The Bluesuit Chronicles from  firsthand experience and research.

Against a backdrop of major news developments, most of the events described in the series were  never made public, yet collectively they defined the era and the  officers of that time as much as the major events that serve as the  backdrop of the series. 

The  series reveals that contrary to deceptive portrayals of the 70s era by  the news media, Hollywood, and the lyrics of rock music, the vast  majority of my generation went to war willingly, served honorably,  returned home, married, built families, established businesses and  careers. We obeyed the law, ran for public office, paid their bills and  taxes at a time while the country nearly collapsed from weak, often  corrupt leadership, wide-open drug abuse, racial tensions,  disillusionment and loss of will. At a time when it seemed all was lost,  Americans counted on us, the men in blue, to hold the line, which we  did – The Bluesuit Chronicles tells the true story.

John Hansen

Book Two - The New Darkness

Action,  intrigue and romance mark this second book in the series as a midnight  page-turner. Like a forest fire driven by high winds, the drug craze of  the late 60s swept through the nation at an accelerated pace in the 70s,  devouring and alienating the nation's youth. The law-abiding public  felt battered and abandoned as long-held social norms and moral  standards were cast aside and a rise in violent crime took hold. 

Betrayal was rampant. Use of  marijuana, LSD....

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