A Review of Book One, The War Comes Home, From Red City Reviews

The  first installment of The Bluesuit Chronicles is a compelling start to  what is sure to be an epic saga. Former Golden Gloves boxer and Army  medic Roger Hitchcock returns home from Vietnam to a very different  America than the one he left. His hometown has ballooned in size while  he was away and he finds the police force needs to expand. With a solid  option available, he jumps at the chance to serve his neighbors. Like  his fellow veterans who pin on the badge, they find that when they left  Vietnam, Vietnam didn’t leave them. They go from being called ‘baby  killers’ to being called ‘pigs’ yet they do what they did before, serve  and protect an often undeserving public. The drug craze of the early  seventies takes a heavy toll on the Boomer generation, and the social  fabric begins to unravel. This book is a collection of stories filled to  the brim with nail biting action, romance, and intrigue, which are all  based on actual events.

A Surprise, Unsolicited Review of Book Two, The New Darkness Review From Amazon.com!

"Book  Two of The Bluesuit Chronicles series, The New Darkness, continues the  story of Vietnam veteran Roger Hitchcock, now a police officer in  Bellevue, Washington. The spreading new drug culture is exacting a heavy  toll on Hitchcock's generation. Some die, some are permanently  impaired, everyone is impacted by this wave of evil that even turns  traditional values inside out. Like other officers, the times test  Hitchcock: will he resign in disgust, become hardened and bitter,  corrupt, or will his background in competition boxing and military  combat experience enable him to rise to meet the challenge? Romance,  intrigue, and action are the fabric of The New Darkness."