After high  school and six months of college, John signed up for four years in the  U.S. Navy that included two tours in Vietnamese rivers and coastal  waters as a gunners mate aboard an amphibious assault ship between 1966  and 1970. 

John pulled weeds for a living for six months after  receiving honorable discharge as he waited for a law enforcement agency  to hire him. The Bellevue Police Department brought him on board in July  1970. He served ten years as a Patrol officer, and eleven years as a  detective. When he retired at the end of 1991 he went into the private  investigation business and investigated cases in Mexico, Guatemala, the  Caribbean, Alaska, New York, Florida and northern Europe. 

In 2012 John's first book, Song of the Waterwheel,  is the romantic nonfiction account of his 28 year marriage to his late  wife, Kristene, whom he lost to cancer in 2009, was published. As he  wrote, seeking to re-stabilize his life, John returned to law  enforcement on a volunteer basis through search and rescue work on  horseback with the Maricopa County Mounted Sheriff’s Posse in Phoenix,  Arizona. 

In 2012, his first essay, Losing Kristene, was written and published at the request of The Huffington Post. In 2013, another essay, Riding The Superstitions, won first place in a statewide writing contest in Arizona. In 2014, the first three books of The Bluesuit Chronicles series, The War ComesHome, The New Darkness, and Valley of Long Shadows were published.In 2015 the fourth book in the Bluesuit Chronicles series, Day Shift, was released. 


Valley  of Long Shadows picks up where The New Darkness left off. The  Department and the City face political, cultural and administrative  fallout after Hitchcock and fellow officer Tom Sherman prevail in a  dramatic gun battle with two criminals who ambushed them. Based on  actual events, the action is fast... 

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