John Hansen Historical Crime Fiction Novels - Readers' Reviews

TA Smith writes:
"Book 5 (Unfinished Business)  moves to show how difficult it is for Officer Hitchcock to continue to  do right. Bad people are out to get him for his good work. He is a  threat to their nefarious activities. There is even a very bad and high  ranking policeman that puts Hitchcock and his family in extreme  peril.Organized foreign crime is moving into his city, he works hard to  uncover the clues to solve this evil in his city. I'm still waiting to  find out what restaurant owner Juju is up to and who she works for.Great  series and story. Another fine book by John Hansen."
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"I  am an avid reader of John Hansen's books about Bellevue Police. My  interest is enhanced because I worked with John at the police department  for years. In fact, at one point John pulled me out of a very serious  altercation where I was highly at risk. John's ability to write and keep  his readers engaged is superior. You're right there in virtually every  part of the action in every incident. His ability to build characters  based on the real officers is excellent. I retired as a chief of police  and have strongly encouraged John to keep writing. I'll be his first  customer for each book. These are well worth your time and investment."

Bill Cooper, Chief of Police (Ret.)

“Received  it (book 4) Wed. Already done reading it. Couldn’t help myself. Was  only going to read a couple of chapters and save the rest for my  upcoming camping trip. LOL. 3 hours later book finished. Love it. 2  Thumbs Up!!!

A. Bailey - Kalispell, MT

“I  enjoyed book 4 because Hitchcock is a man’s man.  He does the right  thing no matter the consequence or who is looking.  He is the night in  shining armor for his princess. He cares for a young boy whose his loser  dad (interpret sperm donor) does not.  To me these are the things that  make us human, what makes real men be men.”

William Parr - Puyallup, WA

“By  the time I read Book Four I concluded that most men would like to be  Hitchcock, at least in some way. What sets him apart is the dichotomy of  his makeup: he grew up with a Boy Scout sense of honor and right and  wrong, he wasn’t hardened or jaded by the evil and cruelty he saw when  he went to war, even when he killed in combat. As a policeman he chooses  to do good and right. He doesn’t know it but he is a role model for  others around him. I know Hitchcock’s type – two of my relatives were  cops who influenced me.”

Tracy Smith - Newcastle, WA

“John-  Just finished your first installment of the The Bluesuit Chronicles.  Enjoyed it immensely! You are a gifted writer that puts the reader right  on the scene, and not always safely out of harm’s way. Am in the midst  of two other books.  Yours was easy to pick up, but difficult to put  down. As busy as I have been, it was fortunate that I could easily pick  up right where I left off without needing to reread past pages. It is a  tribute to your style of ever-changing, but connected scenes.  I  appreciate your style, and truly enjoyed the book. Have always liked a  look-back at transitional times in history with a thoughtful perspective  of the impact of the period. You framed it well in your Foreword and  Author's Note. I like to learn from the books that I read, and that I  have done with yours. Further, both the action and the drama are told in  compelling style, and intertwined expertly to bring the reader down  from the adrenaline of the chase. Add to that my personal interest in  the topic and era, and I have a complete package, and certainly one that  left me hungry for more. “

John Schwiesow – Scottsdale, Arizona

“I  wish there were more chapters, John. I could not put it down. Not only  was it very well written but I began to imagine not only what I would do  but how that moment in police work would cope with the different times.  Can't wait until the next one.”

Officer Nathan Vance – Bonney Lake Police Dept., WA

“John  Hansen's way of telling a story takes you ‘along for the ride’.”  Fully  a man of honor, he can describe the tough job, a man's personal  thoughts and the seedy side of life equally, making you want more!”

Nancy Meyn – Redmond, WA

“An  exciting read, riveting action, romance and moving scenes. It took me  back to the Bellevue I knew in the ‘good old days.’ Impossible to put  down.”

Cynthia Davis – Bellevue, WA

‘I  so strongly related to The War Comes Home that I read it in a single  sitting. The descriptions of the police back then, traditional  eight-point billed hats and billy clubs, their interactions with each  other and the people they protected brought back wonderful memories. I  especially related to the action scenes – I felt like I was really  there. My only question is – when can I get my hands on the next book?”

By  Harry Bennett – Phoenix, AZ

"Very  well written, flows well. I found this book very entertaining and am  looking forward to the next Volume. Having lived in the area where it is  portrayed, I was able to visualize some of the incident and locations  and my curiosity is peaked for the next installment."

By Walks Alone

"From  the minute I started reading The War Comes Home, I couldn’t put it  down. I was captivated by the balance of action and drama that John  Hansen expertly weaves throughout this fast paced historical fiction.  I’m looking forward to reading the next one."

By S. McDonald

Valley of Long Shadows (A continuing saga of a Police Agency in the late 60's/early 70's)
By Walks Alone

"This  is a great read for anyone, and a necessity for someone who is  interested in personal, political and social changes in the late 60's  and early 70's. This is Book 3 of (at this time) 4 books, and can stand  by itself, but they should be read in order. Police officers from that  era, including myself, find themselves in this book, no matter what law  enforcement agency they come from, and will recognize the characters,  since every Department has members like those portrayed here. The  specific information is fiction based on truth, the author loosely used  incidents that occurred within his Department and other nearby  agencies. 

The  main character, and others described in the book, came to the  Department from the military, in a time of social upheaval when people  often interacted in negative ways with both of those professions. The  author accurately describes the character's reactions to those behaviors  in a way that was familiar to all of us with similar backgrounds. The  character also realistically reacted, and sometimes did not react, out  of naivete, to the political manipulation and backstabbing that often  occurs in governmental and political organizations.
Overall, these  books are easy to read and interesting to those who just want to  something to pass the time, or those who are interested in the police  profession as it relates to the social and political changes of that  era. I highly recommend this and the preceding two books, and I just  purchased the 4th book.

"This is a great read!"
"  so far in the series...has good insight from a police officer's point  of view during dangerous and trying situations...shows both professional  and personal emotions...looking forward to the next book..."

By Aubrey Aramaki

"You will be happy you did!"
John  has introduced a series of books detailing policing in the 70's at the  Bellevue, WA Police Department. I worked with John at the department for  many years and he is a gifted writer who is memorializing law  enforcement as it was then - he's right on, and the manner in which he  tells the stories will keep the reader engaged throughout each book. One  book leads to another and I've told John he needs to keep right on  writing.
"Potential readers - these books are a must-have for your library and are a must-read. You will be happy you did."

By P. Cooper

"Excellent progressive series - depicting real life. Five Stars."

By Marie G.

(The  New Darkness) “As expected, Hansen doesn't disappoint his readers. The  action starts right away, holding attention with the interesting  characters all through the book. His resolve of many unexpected  situations leaves us wanting more.”

By Marie G.

(The  New Darkness) “Great book that really gets into the minds of officers  who went through the growing pains of that era. As a police officer who  worked briefly with John during that era, it brought back a lot of  memories of serving during that time. It is pretty darn accurate.” 

By Jim Hassinger "jimgramps" on July 30, 2015


By E.M. Hammond on The New Darkness.