Book One: Crime, conspiracy and corruption stalk the city.



        Roger Hitchcock's strange ability to foresee danger kept him and his fellow soldiers alive during his two one-year tours as an Army Medic in Vietnam in the late 60s. The former Golden Gloves boxer changed his plans to return to medical school when he came home to a very different America than the one he left. Instead, he becomes a cop in his hometown. 

      The times test Hitchcock. Rising violent crime, social unrest, and an out of control  drug craze are taking a heavy toll, especially on his generation. Yet, his mysterious gift of foreknowledge keeps on giving as he is assigned the eclectic, blue-collar Eastgate district as his beat. The young, single officer wins friends in high places (mostly women) and powerful, unseen enemies as he sweeps up crime in his beat like a new broom.

      A cultural commentary on the 70s from a different perspective with action, romance, intrigue, and flashbacks to battles, sex slavery and treason in Vietnam, based on actual events,  make for  in a solid, satisfying read.