Book Five


       The war on cops intensifies as it spreads from the big cities to the suburbs and rural areas. A  pair of cop-killers pass through town after escaping from a Deep South  prison. A detachment of twelve officers goes across the state to restore  order in two rural counties. The body of one of Hitchcock's attackers turns up  dead. Behind the scenes,   others who are cloaked in respectability conspire against the  Department and Hitchcock personally. As long as evil exists, police work is always  Unfinished Business. 

        As one reader wrote, "Unfinished Business is filled with conspiracy, corruption and crime, much of it aimed at  Hitchcock. From the beginning of the book I was hooked."

      Another reader wrote, "Book Five (Unfinished Business) moves to show how difficult it is for Officer Hitchcock to do right. Bad people are out to get him for his good work. He is a threat to their nefarious activities..."