A Time of New Evils


      After the brave work of  Hitchcock’s female informant, code-named Mata Hari, results in Hitchcock and Sherman killing two drug dealing pimps who ambushed them, Hitchcock receives a secret warning from an admirer, who is also one of the City’s attorneys.

     “You’ve got a bull’s eye on your back, Roger,” she tells him in a private setting. 

Both officers get some paid time off to regroup. For Hitchcock it’s a visit to his late father’s headstone and an excursion to a working ranch that recharge his batteries. As he returns to duty refreshed and ready, Mata Hari has more work lined up for him that results in even bigger drug seizures. 

       The people calling the shots aren’t happy.The criminal element in town lures a high-ranking officer into spying for them and takes secret steps to ensure  his loyalty.  Riveting action, romance and intrigue with more twists and turns as Hitchcock becomes the one being stalked.